Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Stress

So last night I go home with the intentions of writing out cards for co-workers and putting up the garland to hang the stockings (no fireplace) and low and behold I'm off to the store to pickup a few items, watch a little tv with the younger boy and off to bed early, I'm dang tired.

So much for getting anything done! hmmm then to top it all off, I missed my support group meeting, totally blew my mind until this a.m. when I check my calender book. I'm such a blonde somedays that it's a wonder that I manage.

Anyhow, waiting for the last of the $$ to buy gifts and guess when it's coming? Saturday in the mail, which is generally around 3pm. Suffice to say I'll be out there till I drop or get it all finished Sat night. sigh not the way I wanted to walk into my Christmas weekend. We are due at dad's on Sunday at 4pm, salad in hand. Hopefully I don't forget to buy what I need as salad does a number on my gas....not a pretty picture. I also need to figure out when I'm wrapping. Probably Friday night and Sunday a.m. hmmm

So goes the day, work is slowing down for me finally, although i do have alot to accomplish to take over all the buying responsibilities on 1/1/07. I can't wait though, I love a good challenge.

Now to figure out what to do New Year's Eve since the request was made today for us to do something. It never ends does it


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