Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost the end of the week

Here we are Thursday already!  Where has this week gone??  Been really busy at home and work.  A/C at home is broken, was able to borrow two units from a friend yesterday for my and the boy's room, so last night we both got to sleep in comfort!! was a cooker in there, hot, humid and nasty with no breeze and everything just stagnant!  To wake up to the cool was heavenly!

Work is tonight, can't complain only second night this  of course I never complain when the cash is rolling in!!  tomorrow night some folks from work and me will be going to happy hour, it's alot of fun and a good way to end the work week.  Saturday on the other hand is up early, early to be at work at 7!!  I will be in bed early tomorrow night!!  Sunday regular shift, so all in all not too shabby. 

Hoping to get back on track with my exercise, I have been a total slacker in that dept since starting the second job.  I really feel I need to get myself into some sort of routine with this once again, I would probably feel 

Eating is good, I still after all this time can't really put that many bites into my belly, so that is good....keeping the feeling full quick has helped alot in the maintenance.  So now to get back on track with the exercise and all will be good.

Have quite a busy social life coming up in July too, very excited for a family reunion, it will give us all a positive note to see our relatives, instead of the funerals we had been enduring the past few years.  Never a happy time to catch up with everyone!  My understanding is a few out of state relatives are also going to be able to make it up, which is very good news.  Also, friends are hosting a Crab Feast.  That will also be a great way to catch up with alot of friends and the kids too.  It's always a great party at their home and they are gracious enough to allow us all to come and take over!  lol 

The boy is entering into 11th grade this coming up fall.  He has really grown into quite a nice young man.  Still playing guitar and is making alot of headway with it.  He writes his own songs now also, it's really nice that he has that outlet when things aren't always going his way!  The other son, well he's a different story right now, not on a positive note, so we'll just leave it at that for now.

Still on the search for a place to live, it seems like this process is long and drawn out compared to before, but of course i am putting big restrictions on where we live plus we have the dog and alot of places do not allow pets of any type.

Work is getting better in the day job, it was really rocky there for a spell and I think things are smoothing out nicely.  That makes me happy!! 

Ok, going to see what other types of things I can get into for the weekend and I'll post again soon!

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