Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Tuesday all.....had a late morning today.  Off to the allergist to see how the meds are working.  Currently on a concoction of allergy drops (like shots), a nebulizer and antibiotic.  So far it seems to be working fine, but today being a very hazy, high humidity and low pressure, my eyes were swollen, coughing when I walked into the office and they thought I was not doing well at all with the meds.  The allergist called in my ENT, who promptly sent me down for a CTScan, it shows still alot of blockage on the left side of my face, but the meds seem to work really for me (I think) so I requested to stay on them at least for the next month.  They agreed, although I am not sure they were pleased, so let's hope next month holds more promising news!! 

Worked last night, was a relatively quiet night as things go, had a good talk with someone after work, alot of questions from me and well not so many answers as I was hoping for.....I never understand, they ask and ask and want answers but you ask a question and they dart and dodge to give an answer!!  lol  my life

Off tonight and tomorrow, so I am looking forward to some really great down time as it is always good to recharge these old batteries of mine!  Wishing I were down at the beach right now, but alas bills must be paid, so speaking of that I must get back at it......until later

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