Monday, June 20, 2011


We made it back from the beach in one piece.  Yes, after work on Saturday night we drove down, dog, boy and me.  Was looking forward to a nice day off on Sunday spent with some family and friends, and that is what I got.  Not too long after I got down there I was out like a light, this is what happens when I work outside in the hot, sun from 9 to  I did manage to wake up in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday and post that...while watching the Notebook one more time!!  I never get sick of that movie.

I was awoken at 7am, by a text message from a friend, he is a good guy and always has my back.  I am lucky to have him in my life.  So after we actually talked on the phone a bit, I got up and started getting the food ready with mom for the day.  We spent the better part of Sunday outside on the bay, brought blankets, grills, tons of food and drinks and the jetskis and enjoyed the day.  We actually had the dog on the jetski and mom took pictures.  She said his tail was wagging the whole time!!  silly doggie!!  We all got alot of sun, had a great day with friends and family and those who we met there.  I went back to mom's place took a nap and headed up last night because this a.m. they were calling for heavy rains and I didn't feel like making the trip up in the rain :(

So here we are!  Monday, it's late afternoon and I am pumped and ready for this week.  Work tonight, then off there til Thursday!!  I actually will get some pool time in on Tues and Wed after work, gotta clean up my stuff and get some laundry done but other than that it's going to be a great week.  Got a suprise at work and someone came to take me to lunch it ended up being a picnic lunch, with greek salad and grilled chicken, even remembered the blanket and it was a nice time!  Suprises are nice, especially when I never expect them!

tootles for now....

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