Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hump Day

Can you say, three days left this week! I can, wow I love the short weeks. Work implemented a casual attire dress code for the summer. Let me tell you it was very easy to wake up yesterday and throw on jeans and a shirt and dash off to work. I felt so much more relaxed. This is gonna be a nice summer in that aspect!

Weekend, ended on tired note. Here I strived for a low key weekend and it was full of activities and fun and some thing I wanted to get done in the house. I have my garden planted, it looks great. The last two days have been cloudy and rainy so that will really help set those plants/bushes I planted. I need to go snap a pic of my creation. I love to work outside in the dirt, there is something very therapeutic about it.

Monday night we saw T3 - I enjoyed it and especially the person picked to play John Connor. I will say Christian Bale has had his deal with issues or whatever, but darn he is really some nice eye candy in the movie. He is busy it seems with quite a few movie projects right now.

I have some new things going on in my life right also, not quite ready to put them out there but there is smiles and fun on the horizon.....

more soon, sorry to be so cryptic

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