Saturday, February 07, 2009


Yeah I'm so glad, last night bed early...I was wiped. Work is changing dramatically right now and this week was a mental challenge...I did manage to get a groove going by Friday, so I've been able to overcome this challenge and make some progress.

Weight is down, way down this a.m. Am I happy, of course, should I be, absolutely not!! This a.m. I decided to weigh, haven't in a while but I know that I handle stress totally opposite drum roll.....132 this a.m. Too low, I've lost about 8 lb this week...eek...I'm sure the cruise will help put some back on. I knew I had lost as the skirt I wore yesterday kept

This afternoon, I have another date...yeah...So this is 4 dates in two weeks and he was the one who said he wasn't seeing me until I got home from my trip..hee hee We have been having alot of fun, laughing and doing things together. It's been very good for my soul.

On other news, winter is 1/2 over. For those who live on the east coast of USA, it's been a brutal one at best, cold, snow, wet, gray...I for one will be happy to see spring...

So I'm off to get something done, not sure what that something will be but I am feeling the need to be productive...

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Janine said...

Have a fantastic date. So to get up to speed on your Weightloss to date. What was your Highest weight pre surgery and what weight have you felt is your comfortable goal? Also when was your surgery. I guess what I am asking is a mini catch up post for all your new readers.