Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today was a success! Even with all the yummy food they brought into work for lunch today, I was able to pick through it and find some cheese chunks, salad, and a grilled chicken (which I took out of a sandwich) and cut up on my salad, I brought some clementines and had water, instant lunch. I did manage to snag two hershey kisses too so my sweet tooth was satisfied. Breakfast, one egg w/bacon and toast and dinner, 1/2 cheeseburger that I made with veggies. I did yoga tonight to, I love to stretch but darn it's cold and hard to get stretched properly due to the cold. Oh and a yogurt earlier for snack...yeah today was I need to keep myself out of the fridge and

I made a SF Hot Chocolate to settle the craving that Iwas getting just typing this stuff....sheesh I am more out of control than I originally thought....back to basics for me, more so than I thought I needed it.

Tomorrow, day 2, and 20 days left till I leave. 3 weeks from now I will be sunning and funning and I need to look decent for this!!

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Susy said...

you are excited about that trip!