Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New day

I am starting this day off with my mantra for the next few to get back into routine, low carbs, healthy ones, no junk will pass these lips...

I need more water too, I realized I drink tea, coffee and water but barely any because it's so darn cold, I need to find a way to push more into my body. Maybe some of those crystal light to go sticks, or something. I eat fairly healthy, protein, veggies, little sweets if ever just those darn carbs which are EVERYWHERE!!

My weight is right in the middle of my safety zone right now, 138 this a.m. I am hoping to lose a few lbs more importantly I'm lookng to lose the pudge and bloat I feel with all these carbs. They do give me too much gas and well its very uncomfy and doesn't allow the pants to feel like they are laying nice.....

Off for my morning cup of joe....which I will try to follow each coffee or tea with a bottle of water..

Here's to a new start on this hump day

22 days till the if that is not an incentive i don't know what is!

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