Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh yeah baby....

It's the weekend. Been a very productive and busy week, but I am certainly glad it's the weekend. I am babysitting my gf's puppy, such a little sweetheart she is and I'm glad to have her around this weekend, it will be fun. I have to finish my cleaning tonight, tomorrow the boy is going to his friends to spend the night and my old neighbor is coming over for dinner and a movie. I can't wait, I am truly excited about this but deep down I still have mixed feelings about trying to get into another relationship so soon. I will just let this happen and see what happens. I am glad though we have reconnected and get to spend some more time together.

It's going to be a cold one again too, but warming up a little for Super Bowl Sunday. You never know what is going to happen during that game. I see the ad's being yanked the raciness of the sponsorship, but it will be what it is, sex sells. Look at Gillian Barbieri, if she isn't the sexiest weatherperson to let us all know how the weather at each game is going to be each weekend I don't know who is. Now do you really think they put her out there in her tight fitting outfits to appeal to the mass of women who watch?? Hell I am though looking forward to the new ad's that will be put out during the game. It's almost an entity within itself.

Food and exercise are going well, I have been diligent with the less carbs or should I say good carbs only....and lots of water throughout my day. It's paying off, again the scale isn't moving but the pants are a bit looser and the pudge isn't feeling so bad these days!! lol

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