Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Ok he's leaving, in approximately 1 hour. I'm so over the moon, this has been a very strange year to say the least and the sudden unexpected departure of the stbxh to FL. I hope he finds what he wants there. I'm not sure if he's coming home or not, but it is his life and he'll chose to do whatever. DS2 is going to the beach with his friend for the next few days so that will distract him from his father leaving. I am bracing for the weeks to come when he realizes as I am that I don't think his father is coming home again.

On the WLS front, well I've been having some issues....not sure if they are surgery related or just issues. I'm having horrible pee, really smelly...sorry TMI (but if anyone has anything to add on this!!) and I'm tired. My labs came back normal so I'mnot sure what that is all about. Maybe because I'm just overextending myself all around. I haven't just relaxed in a weekend day in quite a few weeks. It seems it's all or nothing with me anymore.

On my dating front, well I've found one I truly like. We are taking things really slow, almost painfully at some points. I really like him and he I. He works alot and well has quit one job already. We are making plans for a Sat day to do something, what I don't know I just told him to surprise me. I really am enjoying the company of him as we have so many things in common and he is totally understanding (or at least trying) about me and my surgery and the things that go along with it. Those of you who have had know what I am talking

Exercise, I'm walking almost 4 miles a day. I'm doing the AHA heart walk again this Sept. I need to set up my website today, reminding me to do so.... I am also still working my balance ball, it's really a great workout, but i think I want to try and find another dvd routine to mix it up a bit...I would like to do the Bike to the Bay also next fall, it's a 75 mile one trip to the beach on a bicycle for MS. I have my bike and have been riding but not enough to do this trip, plus I'm not sure my bike would make the ride! My guy is a rider so I'll be asking him soon for some tips and see what he thinks. Who knows maybe next year we can both do the ride!

My other son is getting ready for his first day of college! I still can't believe i have a child going to college. YIKES!

Ok I need to finish getting ready for work, everyone have a great one, I'm so behind on reading everyone's blog I love....soon

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