Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chesapeake river

What a better way to end the evening than to watch the sunset over the Chesapeake Bay. I was able to do this last night. While enjoying a yummy dinner and listening to some sweet music I was able to relax and kick back with the sun. It was a beautiful evening too, cool, low humidity and just a nice night out.

Of course that means no exercise. I really need to get some in this week, so I am planning a walk at lunch. My eating has been good but I just feel blah, I know, I know I need to exercise. You don't have to tell me this!

So today is stbxh birthday, I guess he's still on his bus ride to FL, he called pissy yesterday because our son is was not home to get his call. I'm sorry, he's out enjoying his summer vacation with his friends. I'm so glad he's gone, too good to be true, but alas yes he's gone.

This weekend is great for plans, I'm spending a great day with my sweetie on Sat. Of course he's on nights for the weekend so that stinks but the days are all mine!! SWEET

The weather is going to break tomorrow and I'm ready to enjoy....

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