Friday, June 20, 2008

Where did this week go??

This week was busy and fun, I was able to squeeze in some fun even though I had to find it on my own as none of the friends wanted to hang this week. Last night I called a someone I know and asked if they'd meet me out, I know it was wrong but at least I was hanging with someone in the hopes of meeting someone else there that night. To my amazement the evening went perfectly and my little plan worked. I felt a little bad, but really I never said I was going to be more than just a platonic friend to this other guy. He got the wrong impression, but again this isn't the first time that this has happened. So anyhow, I hung, enjoyed some not so great music but got to hang out with my other guy. He called today and now I am debating on whether to call him back or just let him call again, of course he's not the best on follow through, but he did call today!! I feel so giddy, I knew it was so worth the chance last night when he walked in and I got those butterflies. You all remember what that is like!!

Anyhow my week was busy at work, and today was a mental health day, so I got some work done and took a nap and generally relaxed. It's been a great week and beautiful weather, my sisters are on their way up for the start of the wedding celebrations and I can't wait to seethem. My one sister hasn't been home since pre-wls so I'm very excited to see her and her me!!

Have a great one, I'll be back later with more!

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