Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picking up the pieces

Is what we start doing today. The whole family has gathered, and I'm happy to see most whom I haven't seen in years, but sad due to the occasion. I will glad when it's over and we can move on to a happier celebration of my little sister's marriage. She gets married on 7/5 and originally that is why she and my other sister were coming up this past Monday.

On a side note - WLS wise, I have definitely noticed that I'm not a grazer or a secret eater when it comes to stress of this nature, in fact I've been eating somewhat normal but alot less. I find myself getting choked up when it's time to eat and feel like my throat is restricted from taking in any food and pushing it past my throat. It is definitely a landmark for me who for most of her whole life has been an emotional eater.

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Susy said...


She is in a better place I believe that. I am sorry for what your feeling. Take care of you Michelle.