Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Good lord where do I start

Ok, my son graduated from high school. We had a big bbq on memorial day weekend to celebrate.

I was sick from that Sunday night of Memorial day weekend through today, sinus infection - green ooze really bad cough...you get the picture

I finally got my bloodwork done for my 18 month appt this Thursday - and no I can't believe it's been 18 months either

I hooked up with an old friend last Thursday night - yes I went out when I wasn't feeling well and did myself no good

Slept all weekend away - in fact i was supposed to work theDover Nascar race for work and totally bagged on that - I believe i was up for like 8 hours the whole weekend

My son graduated 22 in his class of 371 - yes I'm bragging and being the proud mama

Summer has come on with a vengeance

Mike and I - well we've had our differences lately

My son's bff was the co-validitorian of his class

tomorrow is ds2 last day of school for the summer vacation - I still can't believe it

I've been so tired I haven't turned on the computer since I last blogged....so there is too much to catch up on....

For now, I will remain a hopeless/hopeful blogger and until I return......well


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