Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back to being a blog slacker....

Ok, another week and ALOT has happened. Where do I begin!!

Last Sat was a nice day....we went prom gown shopping with my honey's daughter. She is a senior like my son and I never ever imagined I would get to go prom dress shopping. Wow it was really a nice thing for her to ask me to go with her. She actually insisted on waiting until I was finished my parenting class so I could go, she is beautiful and the dress and shoes she found were just wonderful, she will be a vision on her prom.

Sunday we were busy getting ready for the flea market this weekend. It was mother's day and my birthday to boot, my sweetie really did me right with all the thoughtful gifts and made me feel like the most special person in the whole world (which rarely happened in previous relationships) so even though my son made me totally cranky it was a great day.

Then the migraine came, on with a vengeance, Sunday night into Monday. I actually got sick from it that is how bad it was. DS2 was back at the doc's too, his meds were done and the rash was still spreading. I think this time the increased dosage for longer is going to do the trick!! yeah

Tuesday back at work and busy, busy, busy. Alot of great and interesting things going on and I'm right in the midst of it all. My boss complimented me on how well I keep it together and cool under all the stress and pressure of the changes going on. Yeah for me, now if I could get him to translate that into a raise, I'd be in seventh heaven.

Today, Mike called and asked me to call his daughter 911. I called, got her voicemail. She called back. Thank god I was sitting because it was the news every parent dreads hearing from their 18 year old. She's pregnant. She hasn't told her father. I know and he doesn't. I vowed to keep the secret but only until sat, I told her she must come over and we will all sit down and talk about it and her plans. As of right now she plans on giving the baby up for adoption. It's going to be one of the roughest days of his life, and i know he already suspects it, but it's the whole coming out with it.

My son who has prom tomorrow is NOT coming home to see me prior to it, I'm devastasted. My feelings are hurt beyond repair, but there is nothing I can do about it. I'm going to try and get to the gf's house prior to them leaving so I can snap a few shots, otherwise I won't see them at all. I think this was just another stab at me for all the change I've brought in his life this year and well to be honest I'm not happy. His father is coming to talk about his actions, lack of helping around the house, etc tonight should be interesting. In fact he should be here soon. So I need to close this now.

I have a long weekend ahead of me. Lots of things to do and hopefully some sleep in there too.

I missed catching up on everyone again this week...hopefully one day my life will slow down enough....

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