Friday, March 14, 2008

Two days in a row, I'm making a comeback

Ok so this is a first in a long time, and to be perfectly honest it's really the best outlet for me to get things out there.....I know I have some readers that probably could give two craps but this is my blog and well that's the end of it.

First and this is the most important dilemna I have been going through in my life is my guy....I like him ALOT!! it's really scary how much, but lately it's been so mentally challenging for me, when we are apart we are great but together, well that's a whole nother story. It's a sad realization that this is it....the beginning of the end, and well I'm not sure he's feeling the same way I am about this. I brought up the subject last night in our daily call and he quickly as usual changed the subject, it's amazing to me that he doesn't want to talk about this, most men would run and hide and simply never call a girl back, my guy, just ignores it likes it's going to go away on it's own, NOT!!! So I guess I'm really going to have to push the envelope and get this discussion under way once and for all. He's only coming down for a short visit tomorrow and I'm going to bring it up and tell him, we need to air this out once and for all....I can't go on every weekend this way.

So weight loss, I'm holding steady, I need to get labs done soon for my next checkup, but I've been doing really well getting in my protein (via food only, all shakes are done) and lots of fruits and veggies and well sometimes too many carbs and candy, but that really has been a minimum of the last few weeks, I was gaining and had that nice little talk with myself last week and I'm back down 10lb, cutting carbs, the bad ones is all it takes for my gastrointestinal tract is smiling too, I'm not so bloated and uncomfortable. I'm happy I have a four day work week next week and I plan on doing alot of relaxing and hanging with the one kiddo this weekend.

Life in general is good, I'm dealing with alot of shit all at once and sometimes it really seems overwhelming and well to not get in here every day and blog it really backs up on I've pledged to get in at minimum every other day if not everyone, of course I know life gets in the way and of course the nicer weather that is slowly coming around will pursuade me outdoors.

DS2 is doing well after his little episode in the childrens hospital, he's been a bit sore today and stayed home from school, medicating every 6 hours or so, and he definitely took it easy..hopefully it won't interfere with his bowling in the morning. I'll pop a valium in my purse just in case..

So life is motoring along, my sister and her husband are home and I would love to see them sometime this weekend also!!

Here's to a good one...ciao

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