Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The weekend and other not so wonderful things

The weekend turned out to be anything but what I expected it to. Friday night I slipped on black ice carrying out to the trash my old dvd system with surround sound, needless to say I have a big bruise on my foot (where the dvd system landed) as well as a skinned knee and a lump on my head from hitting it on the system also on the way down. Sat a.m. I woke up with the stomach virus and spent most of the day in the bathroom, well you get the idea. About 3:30 pm I started feeling somewhat human but at the expense of having to cancel my trip to NYC and hearing alot of grief from the other party (since I wasn't considerate enough to let them know I was going to be sick..lol). Sat night we ventured out to the mall, but I ended up sitting down alot and evidently was very pale and drawn. Sunday was the best day of them all and I got alot done as well as spent quality time with the kidlet and the man.

The foot is still sore and I'm still limping around a bit, but overall I'm good.

The not so wonderful things are of course roommate related. I really love to help out my friends in need but I guess my heart is just too big and it's getting stomped on. Without going into the boring details, she has a month to straighten up or she'll have to make other arrangements, of course this pains me to even think about it, but it is life and we need to act like adults in these situations. If I want to exercise in the a.m. and your kid can't watch cartoons, well tough, there are three other's tvs, get a grip. I am maintaining my weight for now and my next doc appointment is this Thursday a.m. I am looking forward to seeing his take on this whole weight loss situation. I am exercising faithfully again and trying my best to stay away from the mindless munching and getting my life back on track physically and mentally. My youngest ds told me this morning I look tired, I thought great it's only Tuesday morning and I already look tired..lol I'm trying to make it through the holiday, I think it takes a toll on all of us and the worst is it is supposed to be a joyous time, not a stressful time.

I have my Christmas list made, the shopping will be finished this weekend and of course then is the wrapping, hopefully I will get it done quickly. I am making candles for all the girls here at work and they are partially done, so I think on a whole I'm on my way to completing everything in a timely manner to enjoy the last week and weekend before christmas in solitude knowing it's all going to be fine, of course work is at it's craziest also, so that doesn't help that I'm being pulled 50 million ways at once here also. It will all be fine, we will breathe a big sigh of relief at the end of the work day on 12/31 and ring in the New Year with great hopes and expectations of a better year than this one brought me. Of course it's not all bad, but there have been some major bumps along the road.

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