Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

No resolutions will be made for next year, my main goal is to be a loving, good mother, a friend, healthy and to try out new things that I would never have imagined myself doing in the past.

My honey and I are staying in tonight, I have a sinus infection and he is getting sick. We are making a nice dinner and watching movies. I'm sure we'll both be fast asleep before the ball drops at midnight....what a great New Years Eve date I'll be. I'm glad we didn't make plans to go out though as I would totally not be up for it tonight. We unfortunately spent the whole weekend resting and sleeping, I missed going to Philly for the extra in the movie Sat morning and only spent one hour at my gf's party. I was wiped and am still feeling bad, however in order to be paid for my holiday tomorrow I have to be here today and tomorrow!! I just hope the day goes by fast!

I haven't exercised in almost a week now with this miserable cold....I HATE BEING's one of the most uncomfortable coughing, sneezing sickness' that have come around in a long time. I hear lots of people out there are sick now and it's spreading around. How fun!! NOT

My roommate moved most of her things out on Sunday and she'll be out entirely by this Sat. I'm glad but will have to tighten my purse strings again, no biggie at least I won't be feeding them and it's not like she contributed alot of $$ anyhow.

Overall 2007 has been a time of growing, learning and finding what makes me tick, happy, sad etc. It's been a rollercoaster ride and I wouldn't trade it in for the world. I'm leaving behind sad memories, happy memories, a separation and the luck of finding a new man to spend my time with. My children have continued to bring me happiness and joy and of course sorrow too sometimes but I am proud to be their mother and proud of what great young men they are becoming.

Wishing you and your families out there a prosperous, healthy and fun 2008!!


Susy said...

Happy New Year Michelle! Hope you feel better. Enjoy your evening with your hunny and feel better friend. Susy

Incredible Me said...

Happy new year to all of you and I do hope you are feeling 100% really soon!

Brit-Man said...
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Steelboss said...

Hi there, please excuse the intrusion. I'm Boss, I happened to see your comment on the My Weigh To Go Journal.

Please don't think me patronising at all, but I had to stop by and tell you how amazing I think you are.

Especially for having the courage to post something like that, and mention what must have been very difficult things to have experienced.

I think your turnaround, and the way in which you're creating a new life with someone else, deserves utmost respect, and I think it's just wonderful you are finding a lot of happiness, love, and support in your life you clearly deserve.

As for your blog pic, without wishing to sound too formal, or overstep any boundaries, I wouldn't have guessed you were 43, if you hadn't posted your age, I honestly think you look about 36, and I can see in your picture, just how much warmth, personality and energy you must have, despite everything, and for all you're intending to do, and go through this year, I can't wish you enough luck.

Luck in life, luck in love, and luck with your health and fitness goals. You clearly seem to be such a giving, and obviously emotionally gifted woman, and in my mind, your new man clearly sees those things, and sees you for the woman, and "youthfully mature" lady I think you must be.

I may not post here again, so I'll be quick, and say I'm just telling a few more folks about my health and fitness messageboard, Steelmuscle, which you can find on my blog, and to say if you need anything in the way of additional support and help, please do come by the site anytime, and say hi to us folks.

You and anyone else you know in life or on Blogger, will be most welcome anytime, and I know anyone like you, would fit right in, and be a great supporter and team player, for some of the guys and the other woman too.

If you don't feel inclined to stop by, then sincerely no worries at all, it's entirely your choice, and of course I must respect a ladies feelings 100%.

I'll quickly finish by saying, keep believing in yourself, keep loving yourself, and keep telling yourself you're not nor ever have been second best, and I hope all your tomorrows are bright, and full of warmth, love and happiness.

You definitely deserve it, especially for being the person, (and if this isn't too much to say), "inspiration" you clearly are today.

Very best wishes to you.

:-) :-).