Friday, November 23, 2007

We survived

Thanksgiving, it was great to see the friends and family. What a difference in my life all these people have been this past year, rooting for me and well just being there for me. Wed night stbxh was up his tricks, but it didn't curtail me into having a bad night, we had a great date. Went to see an indie movie in Philly, dinner and a drink on South Street. Then back to his house and watched a movie while I waited for the partiers to clear the roads so I could head home. I really didn't want to be driving while they were out there since it's such a big party night here at least. Overall the evening was great, I love to spend time with my new man and he brings such happiness and joy to my life. He went out shopping this a.m. and called me at 4:45 to tell me all about his great buys, I had to laugh as I was snuggled warmly in my bed. Of course the reason being is we work today :(

DS1 and his gf went shopping today too, starting with the midnight They strolled in around 7am and proceeded to go to the couches and get in some sleep.

So work is quiet today, hopefully I'll get alot done, but it's what it is...have a great Black Friday and if you are shopping be safe.

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Leah said...

Hi Michelle! I spent part of the evening catching up on your blog. I love to read it - I don't know why I let it go so long, but I did. Now I feel caught up on your life. :)

Congratulations on:
* Hitting "normal" weight!
* Letting go of your toxic XH - I know what a lot of energy that must take (my mom was never strong enough to do it and I resent her for it)

You continue to be an inspiration to me - I plan to keep current from now on!