Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The day before

Here we are the day before the big holiday, the busiest travel day of the year as millions of people are flying, driving or taking whatever means to get home and spend some quality time with family and friends. It is the unofficial beginning of the craziest time in the year, of course I love this time of year!! I absolutely love Christmas. Last year I was recovering and I got the house decorated over a period of time although I felt like it would never get done. This year, well a few months back I was considering not even decorating for Christmas and give in to the bah humbug about the whole thing, but something has changed, a monumental thing has happened in my life and it has changed my whole outlook on things. Here is a great example: The past 4-5 days have been rainy, cold and down right nasty. Under these conditions I would normally be grumpy, grouchy and downright mad at the weather for being so crappy, well it didn't even bother me. I truly didn't care!! WOW is all I can say. Today the sun is shining and it's warm, going to be a great day and an even better night. M is taking me to Philly for dinner and some sightseeing on South Street...from the infamous song. It should be brimming with people out and about and enjoying the unseasonably warm evening and I will be spending it with a man I truly adore right now. How can life be more perfect? It can't...I'm so blessed to have him in my life and truly am in awe how much he adores me! I have never felt like I do and I am enjoying this ride every minute.

I sat down with ds2 and told him I was seeing someone last night, it went over alot better than I thought it would and he asked alot of great questions about M and I told him, he's great. He doesn't quite know yet that he's meeting him Sat night, but I will let him know before the time comes.

Tomorrow is the most thankful day of the year, or so the pilgrims taught us that right?? LOL I am truly blessed and thankful for so much this year that my cup brimmeth over..ok I'm getting sappy.

So everyone enjoy your family, friends, some football (if that's your thing) and great food. If you are cooking, relax and enjoy yourself. I have cooked for so long that this year is a special treat that I am not. I will enjoy seeing my friends and family I haven't seen in a while, all the while missing those that cannot be with us this year.

Then after all the turkey is cleaned up and the dessert is settling in, it will become the craziest time of year, black Friday!!



Lisa Williams said...

You sound so happy. Have an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving as well.

arielfreak said...

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Your plans sound great.

I just can't get over how this year is so vastly different than last year.