Friday, October 26, 2007

Yeah the weekend

It's been a long/short week for me at work. Time has flown being so busy but so crammed full of things to do. I'm drained, but looking forward to this weekend. I so wanted to dress up and go out for Halloween and no one wanted to, now we are going to a party and I'm not prepared. I'll have to think of something quick today for tomorrow night! Tonight I have another date, it will be our third, Wed this week we went out to dinner and a movie. That was nice and I do enjoy my time with him, sorry he's leaving soon, but that is how it is. I believe he told me next weekend is his last here :( Anyhow, tonight we are going to dinner and to see my friend Kevin's new band play, that should be nice. My gf and some other friends are meeting us there. Tomorrow we have college visit at Towson and then tomorrow night a Halloween party. Sunday will be rest, cleaning and house crap. Such a busy month this was and it's quickly coming to an end. We need to buckle up and get our applications filled out and sent in now...he needs to finish scholarship paperwork and then we wait again until Jan for the next round of paperwork. I don't remember college being such a big project when I went a million moons ago!! lol

Exercise is going well, back in the cardio, it feels good and I can definitely tell the difference when I do it. I'm searching high and low for some good back sculpting exercises, I think I've found some, but need to get a band to do them with. The bands I have don't do the job correctly. Maybe this weekend I'll run up to Target and see if they have the band I need. Yoga is still a source of inspiration and relaxation for me. That is key in this changing times. Weight is down again, I can tell by my clothes, it still amazes me that now I lose in stress where before I would eat through stress and gain at least 10-15 lb each things change.

The rain has also moved in the other day, it's hanging around for 1/2 of the weekend plus bringing in cooler more fall like temps. Sweaters are out as I'm freezing and I was thinking just yesterday I don't know how I'm going to cope with winter, but we'll take it as it comes. I also need to go shopping for a new winter coat as well because all my old ones I can almost wrap around me. I've been looking but nothing amazing has caught my eye yet!!

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