Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A small glimmer of hope inside

a tangled web that has been woven. That's how I and where I feel my life is right now. It's not negative, it's not positive, but it's getting there piece by piece.

First of all I need to express my sincerest thanks to all my cyber friends who are there in spirit with me. I am reading the comments and thank you, thank you. A big cyber hug to you all, I feel the love :)

So yesterday afternoon soon to be xh called and wants to talk, uh oh is my first gut reaction. I said I'm at work, let's do this tonight, where I'm better equiped to deal with whatever he throws my way. Thank god he was being reasonable but it worked out. So I leave work only to find out that I've locked my keys in my car. Good grief, thank god my son has my spare pair and was just leaving school, so a small detour and we were on our way home...

I get home, we eat, then sit down to chat. It was a positive chat, more arrangements were/are being made by him. It's positive, moving forward in a manner that is acceptable to all parties involved directly and indirectly. I tell him I have a work function tonight, so I won't be home, no suspicions, just an ok. I've made arrangements for dinner to be provided for the kids, his job is to be there for them, I know now I will need to rethink this plan down the road these things come up time to time! Anyhow, at the end of the conversation I felt positive, the first time in quite a few days. My therapist called shortly after to check in on me, I'm good I tell her, we will see each other next week, unless another emergency comes up!! I'm in a good place again, the place I want to be. Happiness through this blur of rain that is coming down outside is what I am living. I can't wait for things to progress a little more, but I am patient and understanding (at least I hope I am) I will need to remember this the next time things don't go my way!! lol So Friday I am going on another date! I'm excited, except the date is to the football game, because my kid is playing and he's agreed to come along, how fun! Then we are going to grab a bite to's the right distraction at the right time. Life is fun again!!

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