Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's not an easy road

I've been dealing with alot of stress lately, of course the stbxh isn't helping any. Yesterday I almost had a meltdown here at work. I'm not blogging much about it, but if I'm scarce that's why. He is not making this easy, or shall I say one minute it is easy and the next it's nasty. It's almost like he's exhibiting a bi-polar tendency. I'm sure this is hard on him also, but it is what is best for both of us. Anyhow, eating is good, I'm exercising more aggressively to try and stave off these feelings of stress and such....I'm coping but not the exact way I had planned on. I have alot of other things going on in life also with college visits starting this weekend and my friends are rallying around me to keep me busy and active so no down time....I need to schedule a long weekend, which is virtually out of the question now that we are starting the busy season...hopefully I can work out something. A quick trip to a spa for 2-3 days would rejuvenate and inspire me to move forward. Today's weight 145....stress is not my friend, I used to gain with stress now I'm losing and too fast!

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Melanie said...

A spa trip does sound mighty good right now. Hang in there!