Thursday, October 04, 2007

And so it goes

I've not been blogging, not in my best interest to do so on a public nature lately. Things have been progressing but not at any speed or grace which I had hoped. There are alot of underlying issues that keep popping up and it is straining things at best.

I've been exercising, trying out new routines to target specific areas and such, the thighs, buns and abs being the areas I really want to concentrate on now and try to reduce some of the flabbiness I'm left with. I can feel it, so I would suppose that means it's working!! A big plus for me. Yesterday I had my one year check up with the cardiologist. He was thoroughly impressed with my progression and has released was a courtesy to him that I go, but with the racing heart symptoms I had in the hospital right after surgery I wanted to go too! He initially thought I was the drug rep in the lobby waiting to see him, how surprised when he walked into the room and found I was a patient. It still amazes me when I get a picture taken and I see it for the first time, I wonder who is that person who resembles me in there, I haven't quite gotten used to that yet.

So life goes on, it's not always the best of times right now, nor the israllying, weight is stable if not dropping a bit...and I'm positive that things will be better in the long run for all involved.


Melanie said...

A positive attitude is going to get you through Michelle. Keep it up!

Dagny said...

Exercise will really help your stress and your general frame of mind. Put as much as you can into it and you will feel much better overall. Take care!