Monday, August 06, 2007

Three weeks and counting.....

that's where we are for the first day of school. Three weeks from today. We are on vacation the week before so it will go by really fast. Poor

Life has been a whirlwind of activities and that has kept me from blogging away here. All last week was spent training the new "girl" she's doing great but really limits my free time to blog and such. Of course we are buying for the end of year hurray so it's been busy anyhow.

Friday I met up with some friends for some R&R and catching up. It's so nice to have downtime with the girls. Saturday was filled with errands and laundry and cleaning then another girlfriend came over that night for some girltime. Sunday was spent at a candle party with more friends. It was a nice weekend to catchup with lots of friends but it left poor dh a little leftout. Poor dh :(

Anyhow, I'm tired today and it was raining this a.m. so that didn't help me getout of bed faster or anything else. I did get in my exercise all days and am really starting to see the benefits of doing the yoga. I've been seriously looking into the YMCA to join and was told if I babysit one night a week I can get my membership for a small fraction of the regular family membership, so I signed up. Hopefully they will call now. I really would love to get with a personal trainer but our funds do not allow this right now.

DS1 starts his football camp next Monday, he will have this week off and that is it for the summer, he's been so busy. He'll be there all day and first game is the 8th of Sept. Also that day is the day ds2 starts his bowling in the morning league. He's been playing for years and wants to keep on going. The next morning I will be up bright and early and doing the American Heart Association walk. If anyone would like to sponsor me, here's the link:

My name is Michelle Vaught, if you would like to pledge and I will thank you in advance if you do so.

We have football either every Friday night or Saturday morning from Sept through November and bowling every Saturday morning until March. Where do my weekends go?? Also, celebrating alot of birthdays next month so that will be a tiresome whirlwind also. I can't believe everyone I know seems to have a Sept birthday.

My dh's birthday is tomorrow and we celebrated that yesterday with a nice dinner and cake for all the boys and not me!! I've been pretty diligent not to try these things to see how long I can hold off and hopefully forever. I really didn't even mind.

Anyhow that's life in a nutshell, it's been it Friday yet??

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