Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So I have a friend (let's call her M) and she and I had a falling out awhile ago as some readers may remember. Alot of it has to do with her low self esteem and my WLS journey. I haven't spoken with her in about 3-4 months and out of the blue she emails me yesterday asking for forgiveness. OK, I am a good person (at least I think so) and always want to be thought of as someone who takes the higher road and well forgiveness is simple right? WRONG, I was the one who got their feelings crushed and racked over because she couldn't deal. But again being the bigger person and more mature I am going to forgive her and have. We've talked a bit but boy she wasn't very sincere. So I wonder where and how far this friendship will actually go? It's a good question for me....and I wonder if any of you have ever dealt with this?


Danyele said...

I don't know.. if you felt insincerity in the conversation, I don't think I'd be very willing to continue the friendship. The only friendship that I've ended since WLS was with someone who had also had WLS about a year before me. With her, the WLS incovered a lot of other, more involved issues than weight.. and she ended up with an addiction transfer. I guess my only advice would be to go with your gut on this one. Every time I've ignored that little voice in my head, I've deeply regretted it. Take care ((hugs))

Incredible Me said...

I agree with Danyele.

Do what that little voice inside of you says is the right thing to do, because it really will be the right thing for you.

As sad as it is to say goodbye to a friendship, it isn't a true friendship if you are feeling ambivalent about it, or hurt from prior interactions.

You deserve friends who are truly supportive of you.

Michelle said...

Thank you both, I have to agree after i had written the blog I had to think on this a while and it is a hard decision but based on facts that are there it's the right decision to terminate such friendship.