Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ah Saturdays......

I love Saturdays. They must be my favorite day of the week.

This a.m. I was up long before the sun and cleaning like a fool. I've noticed that with my WLS the more I lose the more energy and less sleep I need to maintain my lifestyle. It's amazing to me. Before I would slug around and procrastinate everything until the 11th hour.

I've made a set of cards that I will be selling at my craft show. They have turned out beautifully along with a nice little memory book. I've even made a Walmart trip and it's only 3pm. I have chicken to grill tonight and a nice book to enjoy outside later. What more could I ask for, some earned downtime!

The asst at work got his promotion, thank god for me, and yes I feel sorry for them. But that is no longer my problem!

so I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day, looking to get a good walk in, got to remember the ped to track how far I've been going. Oh and the cortizone shot worked wonders, I feel great


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