Friday, June 01, 2007


I have never been so happy for Friday in a long time. Usually work is just puttering along and I really do like what I do (I'm a wine and spirit buyer for a wholesaler here) but lately it seems with the blue moon that everyone is just a little bonkers in their requests....

Tonight is girls night out, I am really looking forward to hanging with my girls and enjoying some down time from life and everything in general right now. Tomorrow we walk the 5k for our friends son Mike....poor little guy is suffering horribly from MD and hoping to raise some $$ for a van for them. Sunday is up in the air right now...

DH was so petulant last night, for lack of a better word. He wants forgiveness yet cannot forgive. It's a dangerous double edge sword is dealing out right now and after the big email blowout with my probably former gf (BFF at that) I just didn't want to handle anything else so petty yesterday.

I've spoken of BFF MB before here in this very blog, I'm not going into gory details, but she was suppose to join us tonight, but she has claimed I'm so different she couldn't possibly hang out with me anymore. OK, so maybe I've changed a bit, but damn I haven't seen you since the time at the library about 2 months ago when you said "YOU AGAIN, I can't get away from you" we talked for like 2 minutes and each went out separate ways, before that was the weekend I "let" her stay with us when she was having bf if you can state I'm different than fine...

Ok, positive thoughts out there people, please send them all my way as I do not like to be down, nor do I want to be!!

Have a great weekend allll


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