Thursday, May 31, 2007

Come to Jesus mama

Well we had it out and out last night. I'm drained, emotionally and physically today. It was a big struggle to get my weight workout in this a.m. but I preserved and got it done. I'm beyond what type of help in my mind would make this marriage work. Am I throwing in the towel too soon, who the hell knows at this point. But I do know I'm sick and tired, of walking on eggshells around him, because he doesn't feel like talking about it, I'm not in the mood right now, I need a drink, something else to perk me up...I'M FED UP!!!

I told him, I'm tired of this fighting, it's getting us nowhere but in full circle around his and my problems. We never discuss them, we never make amendments, answers all we do is circle each other like boxers in a ring. Last night I tried to use some of the empowerment I get from therapy. I'm an enabler, it stung like a bee. Hurt my pride my most innermost feelings to hear these things, but it's true, the whole bloody mess is me enabling him to act the way he does. I'm trying my hardest to change this and it's causing great strife in the household, but I will prevail. I'm the type who once I'm flawed I do my damned to fix it, change it, grow and become a better person because of it. Where does that leave us? Who knows still but it's progress with a big P!

Work is crazy busy, problems are arising left and right. Of course no fire is too easy or quick to put out. My asst has been driving me crazy. If you don't spell out with fine print everything he needs to do, you might as well do it yourself KWIM!! I'm stressed at home and work and it's taking it's toll on ME!! I want so much to be healthy and I am needing to find ME time to make this happen. I want to be proactive not destructive with this tool that I have received to lose weight. I want to be healthy, happy and deserving of all these things.

On a lighter note, the boys are wrapping up another year at school. My baby will be a senior next year and it brings a tear to my eye remembering when I had him. It all happens so fast and it's so surreal to think about it, it's been up and down, bumpy and smooth along the road but he turned out great, and I do it all for them!!

So now I'm going to write in my journal, my plan. I'm a planner, very strictive to the point of insanity sometimes. I will write out my plan, how I will achieve it and move from there. Who or what stays and goes at this point is up in the air, but I feel change is about to happen. It's not always good, but sometimes necessary for your life to run it's intended course.

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