Friday, June 29, 2007

Rainy types of Fridays

So the big storms came through, actually without so much hoopla as the ones the night before. But the temps are much nicer and the humidity is lowering.

Today is dday per se for the asst who puts the ASS in assistant....hopefully (but probably not) he will finally get it that he works here in my dept for ME!! Like I said I'm not holding my breath....

Tomorrow is the boat ride - yeah

Sister announced (finally) to the family she's getting married - IN GREECE, and soon....

We are probably going to try and see if the cat that is hanging around would like to become a permanent member of our family. We've tried to find him a home, but alas no one claims her....she's sweet and we all love her.

The weather is getting nice again, just like summer should be

It's almost 4th of July....of course I still have to who cares.. I DO!!

I'm losing again....that feels really good

It's the weekend....that feels better

Everyone have a great one!

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