Monday, July 02, 2007

Picture Perfect

was the exact words to describe the "big" boat ride this weekend. I had no time to download my pics from my camera but I will. It was a gorgeous 89' yacht we rode down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty (while blaring Neil Diamond) then up the East River and back up the Hudson. The weather was gorgeous, company great and everyone had an excellent time. Aftewards we went down to The Chart House near Palisades and had dinner overlooking the New York City skyline as the sunset. It was the ending of a beautiful day watching the full moon ascend over the city that never sleeps.

Sunday was back to reality with cleaning, wash and all those other motherly duties that we all really wish we could hire help for!! We've planned the vacation and are leaving on the 18th of August for a week. I cannot wait for a little R&R with no work and no worrying about anything!

Weight is down for the week, which is where it should be. Periods are still being irratic, which is driving me absolutely bonkers. Kids are being their normal selves (which always isn't good) and life goes on. I'm tired from all the activities and will come back and post my pictures soon

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