Thursday, June 07, 2007


What does it mean to be normal? I have been told "alot" lately that now that you are normal? Whoa hold on, so you are telling me pre-WLS I was not? that's a slap in the face for anyone. I've also noticed that I'm more "attractive" to the men here at work, they will put their arm around me, or stand really, really close when talking in a group setting. Before they would stand back, almost like it was a chore to speak with me. I've only really noticed the differences between now and then lately. It really floors me that people have the balls to call someone normal, like you had the plague or some sort of horrid disease that you have ridded your body of. We spent alot of time last night discussing these particulars in therapy. I'm still churning it over and over in my head but am not coming to any conclusions on how I feel about the whole situation yet.

Now the better news, dh did join me for 1/2 of therapy and actually had his own 1 hour with the other therapist there last night. How cool is that! I was shocked and excited. I was even more shocked that "he" called and made the appt and didn't even tell me, it was my surprise. Seems like he was in a semi-good mood last night, so maybe some headway was made. We did really well and spoke (not yelled) about things that were brought up. I'm so proud that it gives me some hope that progress can be made and things worked out.

No official exercise last night, didn't get to the Y again (it is top priority on my list) when I have some time to devote to it. I did do my weight workout yesterday morning so.....

As for the other doc, well she said it happens, you've had tremendous weight loss, hormones are fluctuating all over your body trying to control what's going on. So I am taking prometrium (BIG YUCK ON THIS ONE) to try and bring it on. I'm bloated to a three month pregnancy state right now, it's horrible. I am also getting an ultrasound to rule out fibroids again!! Oh the fun we women go through to be fertile....although I am well past that stage in my life it's how it goes. We did do the blood pg test, called this a.m. for the negative (which I knew would happen) so we takes pills and wait...then see the technician and get this bloody thing poked up in there and pray she finds nothing!! I have been through this before and it's not fun or's actually embarrasing, painful and horrible....

The one kid is officially done school, yeah for him. Bowling starts in two weeks and the other activities shortly thereafter. The other kid has finals today and tomorrow with 1/2 days and he's done. His priority is to get a job this summer! The dog is healed from his detroning of his manhood a few weeks back, he's happy and was rewarded with a trip in the car to the pet store last night for a treat. Life seems to be getting back to some semblence of normal...if that's what normal is!!

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Incredible Me said...

Normal is where I crave to be.

Where when people first see me, they see me and not the fat.

Normal sized clothes (not plus sized).

Not freaking out if I can fit in a restaurant booth.

Those sorts of things would make me feel "normal".

Now if you called my personality / person "normal" I would be offended in the way that you are in this post. I definately know what you mean... but I'm still looking forward to having some normal in my life.

PS. Congrats on both your therapies... sounds like progress to me.