Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New haircuts and my life

I finally got a new haircut last night. Tired of the same old boring haircut that I've been sporting for sometime. I actually went shorter, other than feeling totally weird to me when I brush out my hair I really am digging the new do....see for yourself

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So with the new do, comes a small weight gain. I don't know where this is coming from, but first thoughts....omg it's done, I've used up all the WLS has given me. I'm seeing the former fatty in the mirror although I really know this isn't true! It's amazing still to me the tricks our mind plays on us. So I've been stagnant on weight loss for a bit now, I also haven't had a period over a month. Of course this is par for the course, six months on six off....if I only had a job so predictable as my TTOM. So I called the doc this am. to get re-prescribed the meds to make it come along (I've been bloated and crampy and pms'ing for a while now) no wonder all the bitchy posts and arguments ensuing in my abode. Anywho....they will call in the RX and I will await the flash flood that always ensues. I thought for sure when I had the wls and the periods were coming regularly that we fixed that particular issue, but alas's sad, really sad for a very pre-menopausal woman to have to go through this misery.

I got a great walk in last night also, clocked 8 miles...quite an achievement for me so far. I still need to go check out the Y and see about joining, of course I seem to never have the time for this. I want to get on the bandwagon per se for personalized training as I think I'm probably exhausting what I do and it's becoming so redundant. I walk, elliptical, weights and toning exercises. I need more! my body is actually craving the challenge that comes from a rigorous workout.

The boys end school this week, so onto the fun of summer and being teenagers for the both of them. They actually have gotten themselves into plenty of activity so it should be a good one for both.....



Leah said...

Love the new haircut! I always like to try something shorter for summer. Yours looks so cute!

Sorry about the nasty period thing. That sounds truly awful. I hope you feel better afterward...interesting to have something that makes you look forward to menopause,eh?!

Incredible Me said...

I love the hair cut!

It looks fabulous!