Monday, June 11, 2007

Goals and weight loss

Melting Mama in a post last week asked us about our goals. Well I have a hefty list that I handwrote in a journal (which is home right now) with goals. I can rattle off a dozen or so off the top of my head so hear goes:

Goals to reach via WLS:

To be able to walk stairs without needing a 1) break and 2) breathing machine
To exercise
To cross legs
To weight less than dh
To become healthier, hence being taken off meds needed to survive
To feel good about oneself
To be able to walk, 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles...ok you get the idea (BTW: I'm up to about 6-7 at a jaunt right now)
To enjoy life
To become acceptable in said life and job
To hike
To bike
To become a participant in life rather than a specatator
To learn to love myself for whom I am

So there is my list that I remember off the top of my head. Things on the list are checking themselves off all the time. It's nice, it's normal!

My weightloss is stalled, it's ok, I'm losing inches. I know I am, I put on pants this a.m. which are now falling off of me (three weeks after last wearing) I weigh the same. So the weights are paying off, the cardio is back in my life and things are good. I'm happy with myself, exercise is a priority not an option anymore. I find myself craving it when I don't get enough or any. Eating is back in line, tracking online again (got away from that big bad no no for me!)

My current goal today is to plan a vacation...hopefully soon and hopefully some fun...


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