Monday, April 23, 2007

Mondays, glorious spring

So Friday night was a total blast. We stayed out till 4am and had the best times of our lives. We started at Polidoro at 10pm for Salsa lessons. They were fun and easy to get the moves down the first or second time. Now I'm definitely no expert but I felt a little more informed after I left. We then left there and headed over to Tailgates, another favorite local bar. Saw some friends of ours from another band and met some guys from yet another band who had to cancel their engagement in VA due to their lead singer being in jail :( Sorry to see they were there that night but it was great for networking. At last call Mary Sue wisked us all in her Volvo station wagon down to Slackers in MD for their last call...saw alot of people from Tailgates there along with some new ones...then she was hungry so off for pancakes at 2:30am in the

Saturday I was up at 9:30 and out the door by noon, the weather was perfect! Read a book with a picnic lunch in the park, went home and relaxed some more, early to bed though!!

Sunday up early, outside working on the yard getting things cleaned up!! Lots of sun and today I'm burnt, feels good all that Vit D!!

Back at work still in the 80's but it will come to an end this week. This Friday is stamping class then off to the bar again, more networking to be done!!



Dagny said...

Hi Michelle---Email to you is bouncing. I need to hear from you, please write me through the link on my site! Thanks.

Michelle said...

Dagny - I received and replied this a.m. I have gotten three from you so far...thanks Michelle