Monday, February 19, 2007



Most normal people have today off, me no I took our floater of today off last Friday to spend the day with my sister who was visiting from SC. It was a cold, blustery day but we had a ball, shopping and out to eat. She hasn't seen me at all since surgery, so her jaw dropped when I came through the door, what a great feeling that is. Sat we took the kids to see Ghost Rider, not my cup of tea for a movie, but it was ok. The boys loved it! Sunday my Stampin Up stuff came in so I made dad a bday card and my gf a nice border for a picture I promised to print for her. All in all aproductive day!

Today is 13 weeks out, the scale is finally budging albeit only a 1lb but that is one lb I will proudly take!! lol These days it's more about the exercise and inches than the lbs. It was also nice to shop in a regular store, no more Lane Bryant, etc, now it's American Eagle, A&F and all those fun stores!!! yippee


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