Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The beginning of a plateau???

I could be on my official first plateau. I haven't lost a lb since 2/5 weigh in, however I do feel like I'm losing inches still as my pants and shirts are getting looser again. I guess I will have to switch to weighing in monthly from now on and not weekly or I could get myself into a tizzy with no weight loss! I have found the last week has been very (almost too) easy to eat foods. I do have to watch mindless eating or grazing as I like to call it. When I'm bored or whatever I reach for food and I'm not even hungry! WTH anyhow, I am approaching my third month out on the 20th of this month so that is exciting to me! I am still working out like crazy at lunch in the gym, having switched off the treadmill for a bit and doing elliptical and stairstepper mostly. Also, at night I have incorporated my resistance bands back into my routine!

On a sad note we had to put our dog (Jakey) down on 2/3Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting so that made for some very stressful times, at least I wasn't hungry during this episode or it could have been very dangerous. In his absence from our life for a week was probably more than I could bear. I do become very attached to the pets in our household so last weekend we went and adopted a new guy, Cole

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here is a picture of our new cutie. He will be one this Sat. Other than that life is moving right along, I do get more compliments from people, especially if I haven't seen them in a while!


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