Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's done

All the pre-requisite appt are over and I've been cleared by them all! So I'm ready, well almost. I have my pre-op appt at the hospital next Tuesday, they said it will take about 3 hours and then on to the first of two appt at the dietician, the second half had to be postponed because the dietician isn't there on that particular Tuesday. Then next Thursday I have my final pre-op appt at the doc's...I'm excited...can you tell, can you tell? It's almost a dream come true up to this point. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery and uneventful surgery. So as of today, I have a little less than three weeks and I'll be re-born so to say.

On the homefront, things have been busy so to say, football is winding down. I will miss it when we don't have it anymore, but man it will be nice to have my nights and weekends back for me. Now the next step for this son is to firm up some colleges so we can plan visits this spring. I just hope he likes what is going on as it's hard to tell sometimes. As for the other son, well bowling will last until March, so I do have my Sat mornings busy for a while still. Then I have to start thinking about Christmas shopping because sheesh it's less than two months away at this point! I don't know if my sister's from SC are coming up, but I will need to find that out also!

We are planning our turkey day celebration early due to the surgery, so I think that the 12 of Nov is going to be our big day. It's almost weird not to have a regular turkey day this year I think! I also have not told my family about the surgery yet so come Christmas there should be some suprise when they see me!

So I'm off to finish out some work and off for the little trick or treaters tonight....how fun it is too see all the wee ones dressed up!


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