Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's almost time

I can't believe it. Monday I went in for my EGD and they said everything looked great. Well I got home and there was a message from my doc's office and they wanted to schedule my date!! wahoo is all I can say! So I called back and my date is 11/20. Lot's of fast calls yesterday afternoon and I'm set up for my pre-admission testing and the dietician all on the day off next month. I will still have to get my pulmonologist done which is 10/30 but that shouldn't be a problem, also I have to get my final surgery clearance but he can do it at night if I need to. I'm almost there and very happy about this whole ordeal, it's been so far so good. Now the last hurdle to cross is the insurance ok but that should go through fine from what I've heard!

Other than that life is busy, football, bowling and everything that goes along with it! I can't believe we are two months away from Christmas and to be honest it's the farthest thing from my mind at this point! I know the kids will be upset but it will all work out, it always does!

So next year this time, I will be a new person. Now to get some before pics so we can do


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