Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Self doubt has set in

Now that I've technically "met" someone and we are really going to meet up tomorrow, he states he likes me the way I am. What do I mean by this, well it's simply that he likes my weight (on the thick side) and isn't 100% about this WLS that I am pursuing. Well now the self doubt sets in. I really want it, it's what I've been working hard for about 3 years now. I know in the long run my health and well being will be better but WOW, this is the first guy I've ever met that likes me just the way I am.

So as I am standing in a crossroad, I ponder what route I shall take. Interestingly enough I have one of my appts, cardiologist, right before we meet up tomorrow, talk about strange. So here I stand in the middle of a road and wondering which way I will turn.

On another note, tonight my oldest ds officially gets his license. Talk about a thrilling time in his life. I'm very excited and sad for him growing up and yet that much closer to leaving me. I know this is the start of the separation anxiety all parents feel when their little chicks growup and leave the nest.

So this blog is going to go all over the place today, what a beautiful fall day. The warm days and cooler nights are sticking with us, and suiting me just fine. I love fall, just wish it wouldnt' turn to winter so quickly.


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