Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ok, I totally got caught up in the guy thing and totally forgot about my huge, red faced embarrasement in the OB/GYN office yesterday. This may become a bit graphic, but since it's my blog I want to vent it I've arrived, I get on the scale and it's horrible, not so bad yet, I have my BP done and with driving it is always a bit on the high side as other drivers make me so nervous. Still we aren't doing too bad yet. Well she then tells me to change, no changing room anymore! so the clothes are neatly folded on the seat; put on the gown (ties to the front) and drape the paper over your lap. Ok the gown I was given probably wouldn't even fit a large girl, and I'm a 1-2x girl, so that's not even meeting to tie, bad enough I'm sitting there with the paper draped but it won't come up enough to cover me, so literally I'm hanging out so when the door opens viola anyone in the hall can see me. Ok so this is bad but yes it does get worse!

So I'm sitting there and we are chatting about things, me, my home, how am I, any complaints. We are just chatting along and she comes over to listen to my heart. Ok, not so bad you think right, wrong! When listening to the front chest she lobs my boob up to hear underneath, it makes this slurping sound that is horrible from sweating stuck to the skin below it! Ewww. Not the worst, the fat rolls cannot get out of the way enough for her to hear clearly so sit back a bit so I can listen. I'm sure I was as red as Santa's suit at this point. I've become very quiet and almost distant!!

What was I thinking and why am I wondering about why I want this surgery done!!


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