Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another day

Well I went out this a.m. to the park to meet the "man" who was a no show. Now you would say I set myself up for some disappointment, right?, wrong! I was actually relieved that he didn't show, how crazy is that! Well last night I was thinking about it, he really wasn't with me on this whole surgery thing and I am totally with it. So it wouldn't work, he would complain and not be supportive and what I need is support not a whiner right. Also, unfortunately for him he has terminal cancer. I believe it's in his stomach region which probably makes for a tender subject with him anyhow. Well, I'm glad I brought out my IPOD, I sat on the bench enjoying the nice fall morning, listening to my songs and just breathing and being a part of the earth. It's a very peaceful park, with the river right there and a walking trail along side for those who desired. normally I would have walked but I have the cardio doc at 1pm and I need to scoot soon to get there early and fill out the paperwork (new patient) so I didn't. I also want to stop and get some mums for my pots and something for dinner so the afternoon should be full. Hopefully I won't be at the cardio doct for hours and hours like the original consult but we will see. I called out of work sick just in case. I'm not ready for them to become suspicious. tootles for now

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