Friday, September 29, 2006

Weekends are a wonderful time

for anything. Really, anything goes on a weekend. Tonight we have to hurry and get to bowling prior to the Friday night leagues coming in so I can attend ds1 football game tomorrow morning. Let me tell you I am really looking forward to that since it's going to be a crisp, clear and cool morning tomorrow for the game. Then the rest of the weekend is free for me! It is going to be a glorious weekend for anything. Oh I do have plans tomorrow night, Dawn and me are going to an Open House at a new salon/spa that my hairdresser works at now. It should be lots of fun and neat door prizes too, I hope one of us wins something. Then afterward we are off to the Blue Parrot for snacks and drinks. All in allshould be great fun.

So yesterday I had my doc appt. Man are these appt long, I was there in the office from 12:30 to 3:30. Thank goodness I was approved for surgery from him and I had a EKG and ECHO done and they say I have a very healthy heart!! Imagine that, I felt very humbled by that since the family history speaks otherwise... So one down and two to go on my journey.

Ciao for the weekend

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