Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Mayhem

Ok folks it's really cranking up around here with activities, afterschool and whatever. The weekend was a blur. Got to go to a really cool open house for a new Salon/Spa in my neighborhood, they had great food, drinks and met some really fabulous people. Afterward I took my gf to The Blue Parrot. A little bit of Mardi Gras right up here in DE and we had a drink, noshed some and talked. It was great!

To rewind earlier Sat was a washout in the football game dept. 37-0 washout plus the rain came right at the end of the game. DS did get to play, defense this time and did well. So for him it was a good day, too bad this team can't win a game to save their life. Today is JV after school, of course I couldn't make it due to work restraints but I'm sure he's doing well, and hopefully winning for a change!!

DS2 is starting his afterschool stuff so he'll be late, Monday, Wed and Thursday, hopefully it will give him some sense and help him get a better report card.

ok for now I'm rushing

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