Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When you thought things were getting better............

Just when I thought things could possibly get better in our living situation the girl I live with flipped a  lid.  Seriously, she is so high strung and she barges in on you when your door is closed.  She asked me why my son locks his room and I told her this, she claimed she never barges in so I called him down and when confronted once again, she neither confirmed nor denied.  I really can't wait to be out of here, it's not a healthy place.  Her niece has already left, to live with her father in Germany because of the treatment she received.  It's just horrible.

So today is a new day, deep breath and let's get it rolling.  It's beautiful, cool and sunny outside for now, but alas by the end of the day it will be rainy.  Tonight is a work night so I will be back later.

Hoping for an uneventful day.

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Susy said...

oh my.... hope a house comes your way sooner than later.