Monday, June 13, 2011

Ok....let's try a new approach

I have found that I need a forum to write.  Whether it be a vent, or an update or just nothing much about nothing.  So here I am, almost what a year, year and a half later.  My blog still gets alot of traffic, so I hope that those of you out there reading are finding some very informative things.

Me, my life is in a current state of limbo right now.  We sold the house last year, moved out in August and I have yet to find a suitable place to call our new home.  We are currently staying with a friend (let me tell you, you really don't know someone until you live with them!!  lol)  and let's say times are trying at some points, but we are managing and surviving.  I did put a bid in this week on a new place, so fingers crossed someone else isn't going to snatch it out from under me!!  I have spent most of my waking hours either working the day job, or working the night job (which is new since I have left here) or looking for a place to move, or just sleeping and surviving.  Living without your things, well let's just say this, It Sucks!!  I have some items, but overall I feel uncomfortable and in the last two months have been made to feel very unwelcome here all the time.  The solace is that I have all I need in my living area, which is very private and that is a plus!! 

So, more about what is going on....let's see I have dated a few guys, absolutely nothing serious as I have no "real" time to devote to any type of relationship, however, I did meet a guy who I work with at job 2 and we hit it off.  He is actually leaving the company soon, so maybe in the future there may be some dating  I have one golden rule, I never, ever date anyone I work with, irregardless of the situation.  Anyhow, other than that life has been pretty uneventful.  Son #2 has now completed 10th grade, so two more years and he will be done school.  Son #1 has become somewhat of a disappointment as he has moved to Nebraska with his father and has decided not to attend college, yet again.  There have been some serious health issues with a few of us family members this year, me included.  Found out I am allergic to almost everything under the sun, hence the chronic sinus infections I had been getting the last few years.  I am now on a regulated dose of meds to help curb it, and so far, knock on wood it is working!!

I also managed another milestone of turning 47 last month!  My family is having a family reunion next month, which I am very excited for....I am maintaining still, and this November is five years out!! 

Enough for tonight, I want to get some thoughts together.  Promises that I will not disappear into thin air again, as this is always a good forum for me to put things out there and help myself.

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Susy said...

just catching up friend. gosh i sure hope the FB birdy told me it was your birthday. if i missed it... im sorry. miss you and im reading on! :)