Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursdays are for..........

Hopefully relaxing and getting all this work done that needs to get done.  Thursday's always seem to be problem days here at work, and I have hit the ground running today!

No work last night or tonight, which is a blessing in disguise!  I didn't get alot of quality sleep last night, but I did sleep.  Oh, wait I need to back up.  In the last year or so, my sleep has been less than adequate, in fact I sleep less and less it seems.  I've been to the doctor, he just feels that is all my body needs, I do not appear or feel very tired throughout the day, so I guess that is it.  My problem is that I get in the pattern of falling asleep for a couple of hours, then I am up for a couple and back asleep until time to work, of course some of the days I wake up at 4am, so in theory I need to stay up for the work day, those are the days I am tired.  I usually do it for a week or two, then get one good nights sleep then back to the old pattern.  It's crazy and sometimes makes me feel horrible, but it is a part of the new life I am leading right now.  Last night I first feel asleep around 10pm, was up at 11 then up and down all night.  Thank goodness though because our power went out somewhere between 4am - 6am and since I wake up, I was able to get up and get ready for work!

Exercise - another reason I love Thursdays!!  When I am off I go to the deep heat yoga class!  It is awesome, even in the summer heat.  They heat the room up to 105 degrees and we do yoga, your body is sweating and limber and stretching and you leave feeling almost the same as a massage!  So that is tonight!!

So back to my day and hopefully it will be somewhat of a peaceful one!

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