Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Back at work, yesterday was exhausting, but I did go to the gym and work out. Where did that leave me? Exhausted last night, I could barely keep my eyes open and was out like a light by 9pm..lol I did have a great workout, trying to figure out how to get the upper body workouts back on rhythm. Ever since my fall in Dec, I've struggled with any weight I put on the right wrist. Of course the doc says I need it rebroken and then allow it to heal properly...eww and I didn't want to do that during the summer.

I am trudging along with my personal life, he did text me yesterday and we talked a bit at lunch, but I really don't feel any differently, I was able to put out there how I felt and where I was coming from during the day on Sat, did it make a difference? Who knows, because I totally put the ball back in his court! I am not contacting him, again if he continues to just be aloof I am going to make arrangements to get my things and move on. I think I should probably just make that my plan, because I almost wonder if there is anything left there for us to fight for? Some say yes, some say maybe, some say no...so the jury's out on that all around!!! lol

The boy is healing, uncomfortable but healing...hopefully he'll be able to start getting around a bit more soon.....we go back to the doc on Friday to see how he is making out!!

Off to work, another day another dollar! geez do I really make that much every day?? LOL


Sunshine said...

I'm really sorry for what you are going through. Trying to find the right person to spend your life with can take a lot of time and is very daunting. Take some time to yourself and be sure of what you are looking for before you get too involved with anyone.
I wish you the best.

Michelle said...

I have recommitted myself to ME!! I am going to be taking a big break from dating because it really doesn't seem to suit me much at all.....only time will tell that is the for sure...thank you for all your comments and advice it is all taken and appreciated!