Monday, July 06, 2009

Back to work

with a heavy heart. I was hoping maybe he would call, but I know the time and distance is what is needed. I was very busy with my own things yesterday so it kept me going all day long. I have decided if I don't hear from him by Wed I will call and make arrangements to get the few things I left at his house and need back. Unfortunately I would just leave, but they are irreplaceable. Struggling with me, who I am again. I have thought alot about what was said to me, I think the thing that shocked me more is how I am perceived and the part that it was actually told to me. I am striving to be a better person and to hear that I am not that upbeat as I always think I am...well that is a shocker, still recovering from that. I am moving forward, I wanted to get up and do yoga, but I stayed up too late watching a movie, so my gym bag is packed and I will be here right after work! No if, and's or buts about it. I need to get myself back in some of the shape I used to be, it always felt great and when I work out I feel good about me!

So, off to the trenches, hopefully the day will fly by...

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