Sunday, July 12, 2009

OMG it's Sunday night.....

What a fun and exhausting weekend I had. At the last minute Friday night, like 7pm mom called the friends opted not to stay so we packed up the car and headed for the shore. Woke up bright and early Sat morning had my coffee and walk on the shoreline, sat in the sand and watched the sun rise and brought some zen back into my life. I did a short yoga routine (I always watch them doing it on the beach so I figured why not) it was great, the sand actually allowed me to really dig in and feel the movements. So Sat was spent with DS2/gf/me/mom and her bf on the shore. We wheeled Ds2 down and he had a great time. I did too, the wind was a little too much but overall it was a great day. After the beach I took mom to one of the infamous bars as it was Sat 5pm jam and one of my buddy bands was playing, so she and I went and she met the boys. They loved her as always :) We had a few drinks, listened to them play and wished them a goodnight. As we actually arrived at the place, my gf up here text me they were going out to see another buddy band that night around 10-10:30, so we packed up the car again and headed home. GF had to be home by 9pm so that gave me time to shower, freshen up and head out. Spent a wonderful evening out with more friends and fell exhausted into bed last night.

I had a hard time getting up today also, but I finally managed it, went with a friend and we walked the dogs at the park and talked and caught up for about an hour while having some coffee. Then home, I still had no motivation, but managed to talk ds2 into going to the pool. So I worked on my tan some more. I'm exhausted, exhilerated and had a totally wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Now, back to our regularly programed tomorrow :(

But the weekend is the boat trip!!

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